Who is 'Rosu' a.k.a Roos actually? How old is she? Does she work? Or isn't it a she at all? This page contains enough information about her as requested, and if you miss something, just e-mail her!

Rosu is a young girl, who still lives with her mom and dad. She rather not publishes her age, so don't mail her about that. She got into Anime, Manga and J-pop 2 years ago. It all started when she discovered Sailor Moon. She found out she began to like it and even loved it after a while. She couldn't believe she didn't found out a long time ago about this. After a while, she began to search other Anime's and found things like Shugo Chara, and that is how she got into VOCALOID. She was surfing the Internet and found a video of something or someone called 'VOCALOID' sing the opening of Shugo Chara and she became interested in what it was. After a while she found out it wasn't an Anime or a person, but a computer. She was a little shocked, disappointed and amazed. It sounded so human, yet it was a computer, singing and dancing. She had to get used to the idea, and after a while she discovered that she actually loved VOCALOID. Her favorite was Kasane Teto, and soon found out that wasn't a VOCALOID, but an UTAU, and she became curious. She downloaded it and soon knew how to use it. Yet she didn't know how to make one herself. She asked Google and YouTube, and the came with answers, and soon enough, Oto Marena was born! Her voice was unique, she knew it already. Unfortunatly, Oto Marena became lost and nobody cared for her voice. She was too unpopular. She almost disappeared, until she had a comeback with her sister, Hotaru Marena! Her third song, MAGNET, was performed by Oto and Hotaru. It wasn't a succes, because almost a month after the song was set on YouTube, it got no more then 12 views, sadly. And so, the detailed story about Rosu has for now, an end.

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