Name: Oto Marena/稀な音 - まれなおと

Age: 13

Height: 5"5" feet (165 cm)

Weight: 95 lbs (43.3 kg)

Model: Alto Clef

Birthday: 23 august

Release date: December 13, 2009

Character item: a long Whip, that is on fire

Likes: Colours, revenge, Len Kagamine

Dislikes: Hippies, self-disparaging people, cuteness.

Other information:

Oto is the weirdo of the school. Always in the back, yet she's cool, say other people. Yet they're scared of her, too afraid to come near her. She only wants friends, but people see her to be too weird to be a friend with. She has a lonely life since she went to High School. Neither has she got no friends on school now, she has lost all the friends she had, including her best friend. Nobody helps her make it trough this though first year, and she feels like garbage. And ofcourse, het mom and dad divorced, and her sister kept irritating her. She is one lonely girl.

Name: Hotaru Marena/稀なホタル
Age: (appears as)12 (real age 125)
Height: 5"6" feet (172 cm)
Weight: 129.8 lbs
Model: NETHAROID, model 666, as seen on her right arm
Birthday: created on 12 Juli, 1885
Release date: 28 december 2010
Character item: A special gigantic sword, one like Black Gold Saw has in Black Rock Shooter, only it is bigger and sharper, ith a skull on top.
Likes: Black, demons, everything dark.
Dislikes: Her sister Oto, everything good and sweet.
Other information:
Hotaru is the little adopted sister of Oto. She acts all cute, but from deep inside she's a monster. She loves bullying other people and her sister. She is a Netharoid.  She absolutely hates Miku Hatsune and Ruko. She has no best friend, but doés have friends. She has no crush, since she's 125. Her height is 1.72, higher than her sister. That's why mostly shé is seen as the older one. She isn't human at all, she is an android. One without really feeling emotions. She can interpreted like she can, but doesn't. 

Download their voicebanks;

Oto's Voicebank
Hotaru's voicebank

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